It’s still fairly new. We’re still dancing. Every encounter, scene or sometimes a conversation shows the infinite possibilities available to You and Us. I watch your eyes take stock of the joyous landscape that we have found ourselves in. Thank you my love, my Sir, my Master for agreeing to this wonderful world.


Anniversary weekend away

Our long awaited break has begun…we are currently on a train (a real slow boat) to Southampton to stay in a lovely hotel. We celebrated 22 years of marriage yesterday and now we get to play and luxuriate in each other. Good times…happy weekend all!

Why now?

It’s interesting that it took so long to arrive at this point. The boy I met nearly 28 years ago has always been a truly good person at heart. He has strong ethics and has been my rock. He teaches adults in a practical subject and has received so much praise throughout his career, so I know he’s fantastic at it. He’s a born leader.

Why then, when I knew inside that I had these tendencies (and to some degree, so did Sir) did we not pursue this life, which so far has mainly been a joyful revelation to us?

Sir deserves to be revered by me and should have received my undivided devotion before. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always loved him, I just should have recognised our calling sooner, but maybe it wouldn’t have worked as well with smaller children. I’m just glad my lightbulb moment happened. I suppose now was the right time.

Ripe weekends

We’ve always loved a lie-in at the weekend, but now I tend to wake early and lay beside Sir full of anticipation of what our time will be filled with. A new Saturday morning rule is that I will bring Sir tea in bed, so I will peel myself away from his warm, beautiful body and fulfil that task only to return to a smile that acknowledges my obedience.

Our time now is more relaxed and mindful – we still have the usual tasks to do and family to visit but in between this we luxuriate in each other’s company, exploring bodies and whims.

On the flip side, Sunday evenings are more melancholic, knowing that Monday morning will soon be upon us and once again the merry-go-round of commuting, work and snatched moments starts again. Luckily the weekends come around soon enough and the contrast between the two provides that juicy feeling of promise on Friday evenings.